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Different types of taxation can have an impact on all areas of wealth management, such as Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax.

At SFIA, our tax planning service focuses on maximising the use of tax-efficient allowances to enhance income, preserve wealth and, where possible, mitigate potential tax liabilities in the future. We look for tax-efficient possibilities and incorporate these within our advice.

In recognition of the fact that tax is a continuously changing area of legislation, our team of experienced advisers keep their expertise up to date. A detailed knowledge of current systems of taxation, as well as any changes planned by the Treasury, is vital. This is particularly true when drawing up the most tax-efficient long and short-term financial and investment plans.

An important element of our tax planning specialism involves working closely with our clients’ other professional advisers. These often include IFAs, accountants and solicitors. SFIA are regularly consulted to help ensure the success of both simple and complex financial planning arrangements in a wide range of solutions.