“My SFIA adviser has always put my interests first by giving sound and trustworthy advice. I was recommended to him by some people at St Mary School where he set up their pension. I have also recommended him to other people and have no hesitation in continuing to recommend him.”

A happy Dorset customer
Posted on 18 March 2015

“My SFIA adviser has been working on our behalf for twenty years. He has always been reliable, trustworthy and extremely efficient. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

Mr A Reis – Salisbury
Posted on 3 March 2015

“The team at Sesui would like to thank you for your time and advice on the company pension scheme. They found the sessions very informative and easy to understand and, as a result, are all very happy to join and contribute the maximum they can.

“Thank you for your support on making this an easy process for all the staff. The one-to-one sessions have really worked well.”

Sesui Group Pension Scheme
Lee Bryant, Managing Director
Posted on 23 February 2015

“A consolidated school fees plan with a pension funded by my business provided instant access to funds, solving my cash flow problems, while the accrued pension lump sum will enable me to pay the school fees and any outstanding mortgage at a suitable future date enabling me to spread payments over a longer period.

“The investment plan recommended by the tax planning division will realise approximately £100,000 tax-free profit by 2025, and the school fees pension plan described is very flexible.”

Alice – St Albans
Posted on 28 January 2015

“We were paying school fees from our net income, with our main asset being our home with a value of £300,000. An interest-only mortgage with an ISA investment to pay off the capital was selected as our best strategy, with a monthly investment of just under £500 projected to pay off our mortgage over 15 years, with flexibility to alter the time period and contribution at any time.

“This flexible plan maximised our tax-free returns and made school fees affordable, as well as assuring the continuity of private education for our children.”

Chris – London
Posted on 28 January 2015

“We did not think we had enough disposable income to fund our son’s education, as – despite his grandparents’ willingness to help – our mortgage was to be repaid by endowments which were performing badly, and we also had substantial credit card and car loans.

“We were advised to sell the endowment policies to repay loans to fund the first two years of school fees, with a repayment mortgage replacing the endowment mortgage and cheaper arrangements made to protect the mortgage as well as the school fees. Our monthly outgoings were significantly reduced, enabling the savings to be invested to pay for the five remaining school years and meaning the shortfall in our mortgage was addressed, even leaving us £60 per month better off!”

Fiona and Pete Morgan – Sussex
Posted on 28 January 2015

“Faced with the almost impossible task of financing public school fees for our two boys, we contacted SFIA. The level of service was frankly outstanding. Their adviser called in the evening to suittook all our details and went away to prepare a financial plan. As a result we can not only afford the school fees but can keep our holidays too. Life for us will remain almost the same. Truly amazing. Our sincere thanks to all the team!”

Jackie – Surrey
Posted on 28 January 2015