The SFIA service

At SFIA, we help parents and grandparents to manage private school fees effectively by developing a comprehensive, full service plan.

Parents who contact us are often referred by one of a large range of schools and have a number of objectives, including discussing new ways of managing their school fees to reduce the impact of this massive commitment.

Often parents are seeking long-term plans to achieve savings and security, while others aim to spread the cost and explore tax efficient solutions, particularly during peak years.

Taking the time to understand your needs

If you would like to discuss your particular situation or to find out more about our services, please call SFIA today on 01628 566777 or email to book your FREE consultation – we look forward to hearing from you.

Manage private school fees in four steps

We have developed a four-step process to help parents achieve their aims of managing fees more effectively:-

1) An initial discussion and meeting with a dedicated adviser sees information gathered and ideas discussed.

2) We develop a personalised strategy report, which details the various options open to people and the best solution for them.

3) We then discuss, agree and implement the most appropriate solutions that help parents/grandparents to achieve their aims in the most efficient and manageable way.

4) Once a plan is in place, we monitor, review and amend it as time progresses, which usually occurs during an annual review meeting, but can be delivered ad-hoc, according to clients’ requirements. One things for sure – things will change – personal circumstances, finances, tax laws etc. Adapting to these changes along the way will ensure your plan remains as efficient and effective as it can be. ,

Long-term school fees planning assistance

We have been refining our processes and methods since 1952, and strengthening our commitment to helping parents and grandparents find the best possible plan for them – something that remains a constant priority for us.

Over the past 60 or more years, we have expertly managed tens of thousands of school fees plans for parents and grandparents located across the UK, with our nationwide reach meaning that we can continue to support people, even if they move to a different part of the country.

Quite simply, our experience and expertise helps us to focus on helping parents to provide the best possible education for their children.