Why SFIA School Fees Planning?

With a long track record of success, SFIA is well placed to help parents and grandparents who need assistance paying for school fees.

We are the market leader in our field, with more than 60 years of success dating back to 1952, when we first started helping people to pay for their children’s education.

As well as experience, we have the necessary expertise to help people achieve their goals of lowering and managing their payments and making school fees more affordable.

Expert financial advice

We firmly believe in the importance of working together to build rewarding relationships, and working closely with our clients enables us to help them fulfil and achieve their objectives. To find out more, please contact us on 01628 566777 or email webenquiry@sfia.co.uk.

We thrive on our reputation, and as such we do not contract training out to third parties – we train and manage every one of our advisers, regardless of where they are located across the UK, therefore ensuring consistent quality.

All of our customers are valued, which is why when you come to SFIA for advice on school fees planning it will be the beginning of what will become a long-term relationship.

Although we aim to make an immediate improvement to people’s situations, our philosophy is focused on the future – we aim to help our clients financially throughout their lives.

Due to our experience and expertise, we are well respected in the marketplace – we are not only the market leader, but we are also the first organisation to specialise in this field.

Our services extend beyond just planning your children’s school fees – we can assist in many other areas of lifestyle financial planning, ensuring not only that your goals are achieved, but that financial peace of mind is provided.

In addition to school fees planning, we can help with mortgages, tax planning, Inheritance Tax mitigation, retirement planning, investment advice, savings and wealth creation, and trust and legacy planning. To find out more information about our full range of services, please visit https://www.sfia.uk.

With a team of nationwide experts, 60 years of experience and a range of services on offer, SFIA is the clear choice for parents and grandparents in need of school fees advice.