Our Relationship with Independent Schools

Many parents today recognise the importance of an independent education for their children. The problem is that there are so many things that can interrupt well-laid plans – or even prevent the plans being laid in the first place. That is why SFIA was founded more than half a century ago: to help parents to meet the cost of a top-quality education for their children.

UK Independent Schools are renowned throughout the world for their excellence. Each school has a highly individual character born from a particular history and ethos. For more information about independent schools throughout the UK including relevant facts and figures, please visit https://www.schooladviser.co.uk/Introduction.aspx.

At SFIA, we recognise the importance of good schooling, but we also realise that financial hurdles can sometimes appear out of the blue and force parents to make an almost impossible decision.

We can help overcome any financial obstacle

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As a result, we have fostered excellent relationships with many schools which enables us to not only identify potential financial stumbling blocks for parents and grandparents but also to help schools warn and advise parents appropriately before they are referred to us.

In addition to the more conventional plans to help parents plan for school fees from the very earliest months of their child’s life, we can also help them to modify their plans or react to changing personal circumstances such as:

  • Unexpected increases in fees – perhaps as the result of additional children being born
  • A sudden reduction in income that makes it difficult to continue meeting anticipated costs
  • The long term illness of a parent that reduces their ability to meet school fees
  • The death of a parent that makes it impossible to pay fees at all

We can help parents plan well in advance or react to changing circumstances.

Our service ensures that parents are able to receive the very best independent financial advice so that they can continue to meet their children’s school fees whatever life may throw at them.

We have introduced a range of services to schools that will help you to ensure that you are fully up to date with key issues, helping you to recognise potential financial issues before they reach a point where a child may have to be withdrawn, and also to make parents aware of the key issues without schools having to become involved in lengthy financial discussions.

These services fall broadly into four areas:

  • Literature that you can distribute to parents
  • Posters and presentation material for use at open days
  • Parents’ presentations
  • Regular information for you on key issues of the day

Of course, we also offer a free initial one-to-one meeting with parents to help them identify how we can help them. These meetings usually last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Presentations to parents

In addition, we have a number of advisers who are able to attend special parents’ meetings throughout the UK, at which we can present on various aspects of school fees planning.

This is a free service and can be undertaken on a stand-alone basis or as part of a more general evening of information. Each event is specially tailored to the school’s requirements.

If you are interested in learning more about our services to schools, please email us at colin_a_sanders@yahoo.co.uk.