Choosing an Independent School

As you are no doubt aware, sending your child to an independent school offers a number of benefits that are sometimes not available from State education, mainly due to the fact that they are independent of local or central Government control.

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Independent schools are independent of local or central government control. These schools obtain most of their finances from fees paid by parents and income from investment.

Many independent schools are run as Charitable Trusts under the control of a Board of Governors and a bursar who is responsible for financial and other aspects of school management.

Independent schools appoint their own staff and develop their own policies. They have flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances and to respond to new initiatives, and they can use their resources to meet particular needs and to provide facilities in keeping with modern standards.

Furthermore, independent schools are free to develop their own policies, which means they have the flexibility to not only adapt to changing circumstances but also to respond to new initiatives.

As such, the resources at their disposal can be utilised or bolstered in order to meet particular needs, while facilities can be upgraded when required to stay fully up to date with modern standards without relying on budget allocations.

Some of the other key advantages of independent education include:

  • The attention that can be paid to children’s individual needs
  • The fact that academic results and teaching standards are consistently high
  • A high degree of specialisation
  • Flexibility within the curriculum
  • A wide range of extracurricular activities in a number of sports and pastimes
  • A particular cultural or religious ethos (in some cases)
  • Retention of traditional values with contemporary approaches
  • Excellent facilities at all levels of the tier
  • Smaller classes, enabling more tailored and targeted teaching

There are over 2000 independent schools distributed across the entire UK. The highest concentration of schools is in London and the South East, but they are scattered widely.

Visit the School Adviser website to search our directory of Independent Schools.

If you are unsure whether you can afford independent school fees, please get in touch. We have been helping parents fund their private school fees since 1952.

Almost all independent schools offer some measure of financial support to help with private school fees. More than a quarter of pupils receive financial help from their school in the form of excellence awards, means-tested bursaries and sibling discounts.

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