Partner Schools

At SFIA, we realise that paying private school fees can put a strain on some families, so over the past 60 years we have developed relationships with schools across the UK to help ease the burden on parents and grandparents.

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We pride ourselves on offering a personal and friendly service to our clients, and have used the same approach when dealing with schools, enabling us to foster unique relationships with schools throughout the country.

As we offer a full range of services to help parents manage school fees, we regularly inform our network of partner schools about new developments, to ensure that parents can be kept fully up to date.

Among our key relationships are those we have developed with school bursars, who are able to refer our services to parents who may be struggling or are keen to manage fees more effectively.

Comprehensive school fees advice service

To ensure that our offering is as comprehensive as possible, our individual advisers also build relationships with some of the schools in their area, enabling schools and families alike to develop a truly personal service,

We also enjoy a positive relationship with the Independent Schools Council, which represents almost 1,300 of the 2,000 independent schools in the UK, this ensures our finger is kept constantly on the pulse.

As well as keeping up with developments ourselves, we also like to ensure that schools and parents are up to date with what we offer, and so we send leaflets to schools each term, which are then mailed out to parents and grandparents with fee invoices or other correspondence.

We know that managing school fees can be difficult, but by establishing close relationships with schools, we can offer parents help at the earliest opportunity and avoid problems down the line.

You can find a directory of independent schools here.