23rd February 2021

Is Independent Primary School Worth it? 5 Reasons why!

Some families send their children to private schools for both primary and secondary schooling, while others choose to focus solely on independent secondary education, or independent sixth form. As the cost of private education is high, many parents ask is an independent primary school worth it? We believe that yes, it is, and here are our reasons why:

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1) Earlier Starting Age

While state primary schools admit pupils into the reception class at age four or five, independent prep schools usually start at three or four. This provides a full additional year of targeted education, giving independent pupils an advantage before formal academic tuition even begins. Additionally, many independent schools have nurseries that take children even younger, with play-based learning that equips them for better academic results later in their school career.

2) Small Classroom Sizes

Younger children require a lot more one-to-one tuition and teacher attention than older pupils. In state primary school classrooms of 30+ children, the teacher’s time is spread thinly, even with the help of teaching assistants. The number of children in an independent primary school class can be as low as 10, giving the teacher far more time to spend with each child.

3) Greater Flexibility

Teachers in state primary schools have a demanding set of educational targets to reach, and very little flexibility over how to manage their classroom time. In the independent sector, by contrast, teachers have greater freedom to teach subjects in a way that engages their pupils and brings out the best of their abilities.

4) Highly Qualified Teachers

In the state sector, the best qualified teachers often gravitate towards secondary schools or the older primary years, with less experienced or newly qualified teachers supervising younger classes. This isn’t always the case in the independent sector, with higher average wages attracting experienced and highly trained school teachers in all primary classes, giving children the full benefit of their teaching experience.

5) Better Academic Focus

Admittance to many independent secondary schools is based on academic attainment and the successful passing of exams. Independent primary schools are focused on helping pupils achieve the best possible results in these exams and having the widest choice of secondary private education.

Next Steps

If you are considering independent education then it is wise to assess how this will be funded now and for the years ahead. SFIA are a network of independent financial advisers specialising in school fees planning, saving, and support. We can help you assess your next steps financially, to facilitate your goals. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion.

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