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SFIA offers consultation, implementation and management of Group Pensions to companies looking at either a new company pension scheme or those seeking to review and harmonise existing corporate pension arrangements.

Our specialist consultants can advise on new group pension implementation as well as reviewing any existing pension arrangements.

We can provide advice on Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS) or Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPP) for directors and Group Personal Pensions (GPP) for staff. Soon, if not already, your company will be legally obliged to offer a group pension for employees. We can set up a Workplace Pension Plan to provide your staff the access to a pension that legislation requires.

At one level, pensions can provide a simple tax-efficient benefit to employees which allows them to plan in confidence for retirement. Alternatively, more comprehensive and complex arrangements can be used by directors to fund the purchase of the company premises or other commercial property, and can be used as part of an exit strategy for those nearing retirement.